Why you need to manage your content

You’ve got some great content written by your best and brightest, and your content strategy is solid. You’re all ready to go with your content marketing, right?

Not so fast. Your relationship with your content doesn’t end when you put down your red editing pen. Content is like a baby that needs constant nurturing and protecting before it can grow - you don’t want to just throw it out there and let it fend for itself.


So you’ve got a great strategy in place and you have loads of content just ready to go, surely it’s just a case of putting these posts live onto your blog and hoping for the best?

Managing your content doesn’t end when it’s been written, and just having written content doesn’t mean that your content marketing strategy is in place or that it is working effectively.You need to be managing your content from start to finish and beyond to ensure you are getting the most from it.


Don’t waste great content by not managing it properly

The more elaborate your content management plan, the more successful your content will be. Here’s how you can avoid wasting all that great content:

Don’t just publish any old thing

Prioritising content can be really difficult but publishing content that is substandard or that doesn’t fit your brand can actually damage your blog. Choose only well-written content that fits your purpose and your persona and says something new, different or engaging

Use frameworks to manage your content

Frameworks can help you decide on the kinds of content you need - we love the Kraft model which places content on a grid of evergreen to timely, and low production needed to high production needed, and also the 70-20-10 framework for managing content.

Keep a content calendar

A content calendar allows you to manage when your content is going live, who has written it, which persona it’s aimed at, what images are used and what the call to action will be. This will keep you from forgetting about content that needs publishing, but also from publishing content too close together.

Allocate resource

Managing content needs more than just the creator- there also needs to be an editor in place to keep on top of proof-reading and a content manager to ensure everything goes out on time. Ensure the relevant people have the time to dedicate to content.

Manage your time

Content needs to be ready several days in advance to allow for edits, changes and reorganisation, but you also need to free up time just in case everything doesn’t go according to plan.


Whether it’s for planning, managing, analysing, organising or publishing there’s always a software tool that can help make your content management easier, you just have to look

Use an agency

Of course, we’re biased, but that’s a lot to do! Actually creating the content is only the start. Agencies have all the processes and software in place already to ensure your content is managed efficiently so you can concentrate on that great content.


We’re Axonn

We’ve been managing content since our CEO still had a full head of hair and over the years we’ve worked with thousands of clients and encountered and overcome everything content management challenge under the sun, so why not let us do the hard bit for you?