Adam Smith


Adam likes…

  • Writing thought-provoking travel content
  • Using data insights to inform content & create better results
  • Satisfying clients & helping them reach their goals
Adam Smith

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Adam meeting Wreck-it Ralph at Disney World Florida

My favourite part of working at Axonn is the twice daily Mario Kart battles, which I play exclusively as Toad.

I spend most of my time writing content on travelling to America to watch wrestling or NFL.

My favourite film is Inside Out because it is a revolutionary take on the human mind.

I’m a Seattle Seahawks and Leeds United supporter.

My mum secretly took me to the doctor when I was a baby as she was worried my head was too big.

I’m from Europe’s biggest inland port – Goole. A Costa Coffee opened there this year.

Adam Smith

“Put the cookie down!”

Howard Langston

I went to university at Sheffield Hallam.

Photo taken by Adam of the Dillinger Escape Plan at a gig

I’m a metal and hardcore music fan.

Outside of work I enjoy going to gigs, writing about American football and music, and watching shark documentaries.

My favourite book ever is ‘Have a Nice Day‘ by Mick Foley.

Adam meeting Ralph the dog in the Leeds office