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  • Writing
  • Managing campaigns
  • Constantly gaining new skills and knowledge as digital marketing evolves
Travelling in Vietnam

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Paragliding in Rio

I’m really proud of my blogs for The Holiday Place, which I wrote while travelling the world. It’s a strong body of long-form editorial work that I wrote on-location and also includes my own photography.

Big reader. Controversially, I think Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the best Potter book.

I’m quite a good tap dancer.

When not backpacking, I’m swigging white wine¬†while writing about travelling.

My kitten Pip is perhaps the stupidest kitten in the world. He is always eating grass and needs human assistance to get through the cat flap, ultimately rendering it futile.

My love of white wine has been well documented from a young age

From Bradford, and went to Newcastle University.

Obsessed with long-form editorial historical clickbait, Made in Chelsea, Dance Moms, and Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories.

Hanging out with some of the creative and talented people of Axonn. With wine

Axonn’s a great place to work thanks to the talented, creative and friendly people.