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Carrie likes…

  • Writing for great clients
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Working with other people in Axonn
Living it up in London

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Me playing in the snow not long after moving to the UK, a very new experience

From Durban, South Africa. I lived in Oman for a couple of years before moving to England. I enjoy seeing places I’ve never seen before, and I’ve seen more of the UK than I have of my home country.

I know a shockingly minimal amount of the relatively obscure Afrikaans.

I like to go to the theatre and to sleep (very) late.

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt is a great book because it’s completely heartbreaking and depressing in the best way.

Attended Salford University and support Manchester City, but I only go out of my way to watch the women’s team play. I’m also conflicted whenever South Africa play England in any sport.

Too many national loyalties…

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

I cannot stand the taste or smell of bacon.

Having fun at the Stockport Hat Museum.

I love Scrabble but hardly ever win, surprisingly for a writer. I blame it on bad luck.

I’ve gotten very into specialist beers and have tried some very interesting brews, like a lapsang souchong porter.

On a rare visit to South Africa for my nana's 70th birthday