Charles Britten


Charles likes…

  • Writing the things other people can’t
  • Meeting clients when there’s free food
  • Coming up with some ridiculously good ideas

I like watching cricket and nearly getting killed while mountaineering.

Taken on holiday on Skye in 2016

I’m obsessed with hunting the Aurora Borealis. Finally got to see it in 2016 on Skye. Before I headed out to the wilds, I got my priorities right and ate a massive slice of carrot cake first.

I’m great at creating multicoloured cheeseboards.

My musical tastes are very eclectic, so everything I listen to is sure to annoy someone.

The Martian is a great film, because when you’re stranded all alone on a planet with a load of 70s disco music, you know things must get better.

“It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.”

– Indiana Jones

I grew up in Marple, a picturesque little place on the edge of Manchester that Agatha Christie once visited. It has lots of nice canals that are regularly dredged to remove the shopping trolleys.

Indiana Jones

I support Manchester United, the England cricket team and the Old Stopfordians underwater darts team.

I still bear the scar from an injection in my bottom as a baby.

Marple Memorial Park

Working for Axonn is brilliant because I get to write for a living. This is great because I’m rubbish at everything else unless it involves guns.

I’m a six-times uncle and twice great-uncle. I live with someone else’s cats, one of which keeps cutting himself and bleeding everywhere.

My favourite headline I’ve ever written was:

Hitler’s Carpet Found in Yorkshire