Emma Dodd


Emma likes…

  • Planning exciting content ideas


  • Researching in-depth guides to fascinating destinations


  • Keeping up-to-date with industry developments
Ticking off another destination on my world map

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Graduating from Bangor University

I love writing the Seven days in… pieces for Monarch, as I feel they really get to the heart of a destination and are very well received by the client and audience.

I speak Spanish.

Swimming and baking are two of my favourite things to do.

Proud auntie to two nieces and two nephews – all currently under the age of four.

I’m obsessed with old-school Lonely Planet travel guides.

From Whitley Bay up in the cold north, although my Geordie accent is fairly disappointing!

On a sand dune in Namibia with my mum

“Not all those who wander are lost”

– JRR Tolkien

I met my travel hero Michael Palin during his Travelling for Work book tour. My friends and I hung around at the stage door to speak to him. We had a lovely chat about Malaysia.

Volunteering at Glastonbury

The people make Axonn great. I work with an awesome team.

I volunteer as a festival steward for Oxfam and I was part of the Bangor 2008 University Challenge team.

I went to Bangor University in north Wales. Tiny, but beautiful.

On University Challenge with Paxo