Fiona Babington Smith


Fiona likes…

  • Keeping up to date with content marketing
  • Speaking with clients
Having some drinks with Oliver

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Family picture

I’m mum to Oliver and spending time with family and friends is my favourite thing to do.

I love baking and trampolining (not at the same time).

My photo of the golden Temple in Japan

My photo of the golden Temple in Japan

I can roll my eyeballs.

From Sussex and went to the University of Portsmouth.

“Love you to the moon and back” is my favourite quote.

Climbing glaciers

Old-school garage and a bit of Lionel Richie are my jam.

I love travelling!

Me as a child

The people make Axonn great!

Hate to admit it but I love Eastenders. So much drama in just one square!

I support Arsenal because my fiancé does!

Sky diving in New Zealand