James Glynn


James likes…
  • Producing content on a varied mix of subjects
  • Building positive relationships with clients
  • Getting good results
On the bridge from Star Trek. Ahead... Warp Factor 9

I’m a keen multi-instrumentalist, especially guitar, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele and keyboards.

Bit of a whizz in the kitchen – I make a mean curry and love baking bread.

Love going to gigs – and somehow find my way down to the front even at the biggest venues.

I can regularly be spotted on TV in the audienceof popular quiz shows, such as Countdown,Mastermind and University Challenge. I have no wish to be a contestant on any of them.

The Beatles

Huge Beatles fan.

Ready to rock down the front

Slightly addicted to quizzes – the evening can’t really begin until I’ve watched Pointless.

In the audience for 8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown