James McGuirk


James likes…

  • Animating
  • Making GIFs
  • Illustration

Gamer, footballer and festivalgoer

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Hanging out with Marty the budgie

I have 2 dogs called Rosie and Jim, and I’ve recently inherited my girlfriend’s budgie called Marty.

I love Goodfellas and The Sopranos; both a mix of gritty drama and humour. The acting is fantastic and I love mobster TV and film.

In Budapest

I’m obsessed with spicy food and ducks!

I’m from Urmston, Manchester, and attended Salford University.

Ducks in a row

Favourite quote:


The Sopranos – Everyone

Manchester United supporter

Margaret island, Budapest

At Axonn I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and how I’m encouraged to improve my skills as a designer and animator.

In the Wirral with friends