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I’m a writer by nature and by passion, and it’s the main reason I enjoy this job!

Lovely illustration of me by my girlfriend Jay for my blog, Jehanimation.

My blog, Jehanimation.

Check it out if you like overly-long academic analyses of animated movies!

Me covered in Zootopia merchandise.

I enjoy watching movies and playing games, and then blogging about it.

Star Wars is my favourite film. An unadventurous choice, maybe, but when you see a film four or five dozen times, it probably means something to you.

I’ve always wanted to grasp an owl’s head.

I’m from the mean streets of Culcheth, the world’s most middle-class place.

Went to uni in Edinburgh. I ate one-third of a deep-fried Mars bar during this time, and that was plenty.

The best thing about working for Axonn? I love getting to write for a living, and weirding out the people around me with my strange opinions and booming voice.

Me and my idiot of a bird, Iro.

I have a pet green-cheek conure, Iro. She is a smelly, entitled moron.

Liverpool FC!

Whatever year you happen to be reading this: this is our year, for sure!

Me regarding a monkey with suspicion.

Music-wise I like anything recorded before 1999, the year music died.

I speak a little bit of German, and should be fluent in Chinese, given that I did a master’s degree in it, but I’ve forgotten it all somehow.

People find it creepy when I roll my Rs for some reason.

In my natural habitat: receiving loads of videogames and tat for Christmas