Joanna Carter


Joanna likes…

  • Developing content strategies
  • Writing varying types of content across different sectors
  • Working with clients
With my husband at the Star Wars Tattooine set in Tunisia

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I play the trumpet, but haven’t done so in public for years!

With my family at my first graduation from Falmouth University

I grew up by the beautiful seaside of Teignmouth in Devon, went to university to study creative writing by the sea at Falmouth University in Cornwall and now I find myself landlocked in Leeds.

The weirdos in the Leeds office make Axonn great.

I write children’s stories and poems based on south-western folk tales.

I live with my husband and our two fur babies/cats Beren and Ivy.

“Driver picks the music; shotgun shuts his cake hole.”

– Dean Winchester

I love reading and will happily read whatever books I can get my hands on, but my favourites are Tolkien, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland.

Joanna in her hometown in Devon

I like exploring new places and creating new recipes.

The Lord of the Rings book and movies are a great escape and a great story about hope and how you can’t judge people on appearances.

On my wedding day on Teignmouth beach

I am totally makeup obsessed – especially when it comes to finding the perfect red lipstick!

I love Postmodern Jukebox!

I once met Robson Green at a bird sanctuary in Cornwall.

With my two brothers