John Simpson


John likes…

  • Content planning​​​
  • Meeting clients​
  • Content writing
Playing guitar in some band

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Generic practice room band shot

I play drums and guitar (I jam in a few bands when time allows).

It means I tend to bob my head along to whatever I’m listening to for 90% of the day. Tom Musk does a very good job at ignoring it.

Running clears my head and destresses me

I play PS4 games that are far too scary (Doom & Alien: Isolation are great games but I get freaked out far too easily).

I’m obsessed with Instagram.

I can’t really go half an hour without having a sneaky peek at what’s new.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the greatest film of all time.

Anyone who has seen it will know why.

The best part of working at Axonn?

The agency has such a wide range and high calibre of employees. Everyone is different and everyone is brilliant.

In the pool with the boy

“I want to make something good, I want to make something better, something that cannot leave the ground unless we lift it up together”

– Modern Baseball, Note To Self

I’m From Swinton in Manchester and went to uni in Salford.

Picking up my impractical, inappropriate family car

I’m a Manchester City supporter, but I was there when they were rubbish and got relegated to division two.

I live with my son Oliver, my cat Noah and my fiancé Claire.

I keep buying new expansion sets for my son’s Brio wooden train set.


It’s secretly for me.