Karen Webber


I’m living the marketing dream: marketing for a marketing agency! I’m responsible for our brand, website, social media and email marketing, and I help bring on board new clients.

Karen likes…

  • Networking and speaking at industry events
  • Planning campaigns
  • Project management
The view down to Cape Town from the Table Mountain cable car station.
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The industry is always changing and Axonn keeps evolving with it, which makes it a very exciting place to be. Just as well, as I’ve worked here since 2005!

Geocaching on the beach in my hometown of Strand.

I grew up near Cape Town in South Africa, and moved to the UK in 2004. I joined Axonn just 6 months later, initially as a writer.

Apart from my family and friends, the things I miss most about South Africa are the amazing weather, living by the seaside and a proper braai (BBQ).

I live in Marple, on the edge of the Peak District, and I love nothing more than putting on my hiking boots and goinggeocaching with my family.

Geocaching in Edale

Treat Yo Self (via Buzzfeed)

Everyone should watch Parks and Recreation. It’s a brilliantly written show, with absolutely superb characters.

Other favourites include The Wire, Boardwalk Empire & The Affair.

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”

– Nelson Mandela

On our wedding day on a very hot day in February (in South Africa)

I’m currently subjecting my home to Konmari – the Japanese art of decluttering.

I speak Afrikaans, English and an embarrassingly small amount of Xhosa. (South Africa has 11 official languages!)

In front of a retained bit of the Berlin Wall, featuring Nelson Mandela.

My husband Chris and I met while we were both working for Axonn back in 2005. We got married 3 years later and now have two boys.

A random fact about me is that a scorpiononce stung me in the face.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I now prefer 5-star luxury to camping!

I’ll never get tired of travelling and seeing new places and experiencing other cultures.

With the boys in Rhodes Old Town