Katie Welmans


Katie likes…

  • Meeting clients.
  • Creating marketing strategies.
  • Delivering great work to our clients.
Me snowboarding on another holiday in France

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Me in Kenya

I’ve been at Axonn over 5 years because I like the variety. It’s great working with lots different types of clients across different industries. You learn lots and the world of digital is always changing and can be exciting.

​I really love cooking and trying new things. At the moment I enjoy making really creative dishes.​

80s and 90s cheesy music is what gets me on the dance floor.

I love travelling and I’m lucky to have been on so many amazing holidays.

I LOVE Game of Thrones.

Born in Lancashire and moved to the south of Spain when I was 8 years old. Then we moved to Brighton when I was 13. I also lived in India for a couple of years and now I live in lovely Kent.

Tom Hardy

I may have a slight crush on Tom Hardy. He’s such a beautiful man​.

I support Manchester United. I was born up north and my family would disown me if I didn’t support them.

Some of my creative dishes

80s and 90s music get me on the dance floor.

I love cyclingsnowboarding, paragliding, parasailing, exploring and any other fun adventures activities.

I speak a bit of Spanish and Hindi, thanks to living in Spain and India for a while.

Me exploring Austria