Naters Philip



Naters likes…

  • Meeting clients
  • Brainstorming and creating proposals
  • Problem solving
Me and Al getting ready to watch a Montreal Canadiens game in our hats. #GoHabsGo

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Me and my boyfriend Al at a rest stop in Big Sur.

Since working at Axonn I am a commuter and have gotten into podcasts, thanks to Tom Musk for recommending This American Life. Too many great things to do in Liverpool to list, but folk in the office are always asking me about which bars and restaurants to go to when they visit – talk to me if you need a recommendation.

My favourite holiday destination is somewhere I can use my hiking boots.

My favourite thing is going on road trips with my boyfriend, Al. We’ve been to the Lake District, the Highlands, Carmel, LA, San Francisco and Big Sur.

My favourite Stephen King

My favourite Stephen King

Fifteens (N.Irish biscuit treats)

Fifteens (N.Irish biscuit treats)

I love Aerosmith because my mum and dad used to play them all the time in the house (same reason I love Thin Lizzy), favourite album is Nine Lives and Walk This Way was the first song I learned on the guitar.

Us on a bus tour in Hollywood

Banana maple cake made by me

Banana maple cake made by me

I love the TV series Sherlock. Particularly Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – loved their reprised double act in The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug, brilliant stuff.

Hard at work

I support the Montreal Canadians  I spent three months in St Sauveur (3/4 hour outside Montreal) they’re my friend’s favourite team and rightly so, she got me into my ice hockey obsession!

Me and my wonderful parents at their home