Peter Yates


Peter likes…

  • Strategy
  • Interactive content
  • Meeting clients
Elated after finishing the New York marathon in 2015

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Can't escape the email trap, even underwater ;)

“Sell the sandwich!”

This is my quote and it’s actually about work, not food!

Scuba diving is my #1 hobby.

All the lovely people I get to work with is the best part of life at Axonn.

Sharks are my obsession! I think they’re awesome and seriously misunderstood creatures.

Bonobo is my favourite artist, but I like any music that’s a bit unique.

A piece of work I am really proud of is the Auto Europe brand awareness campaign, we achieved big results in a short timeframe.

My love of sharks spans into some quite unique clothing!

From London and I studied at The University of Kent.

My franglais is half decent. However, I’m hopeless at accents but still like to give them my best shot.

Diving in the UK can be tough (and cold!), but I like the challenge

I like listening to new music and trying to keep fit.

The emotional rollercoaster that’s Man on Fire is my favourite film.

Berlin marathon in 2014 is still my fastest yet with a finish time of 3 hours 44 mins