Phil Dickens


Phil likes:

  • Learning new skills and technologies.
  • Being creative with what we do.
  • Working in a relaxed, happy environment.
A long time ago!

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Running in Kananaskis, Alberta

I love attending almost any kind of sporting event.

Obsessed with running.

I really like visiting new places – even better if it’s combined with running and sporting events!

My favourite quote:

“To Phil, be good.”

Brian Clough signed this in my copy of his autobiography.

I’m from Nottinghamshire, and went to uni in Liverpool and Loughborough.

Test Match Special 

There is no better background noise in almost any situation than cricket on the radio, listening to ex-pros and commentators talking about the game, the crowd, the pigeons, cakes and passing buses.

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest supporter

The best bits about working for Axonn are the people and the view across the Thames.

Bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Married to Lisa

I was at one time Tracey Emin’s personal trainer.

Football on the beach in Vancouver, BC