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You found me! Any opportunity to go incognito, I'm there!

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Rachel Collazo

Working at Axonn is great because I have the freedom to unleash my creative potential, the ability to freely make terrible puns without being judged and the amazing people I work with who make laugh every day.

Obsessed with make-up, travelling and the Walking Dead.

Grew up in NYC and the Dominican Republic.

Studied at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL (GO BULLS!) and Goldsmiths University of London.

I love trying out new restaurants, especially if there’s sushi and olives on the menu.

I support the NY Yankees (baseball), US men and women soccer teams, USF football team, NY Giants and Arsenal.

Not to brag, but my little one, Zoe is a genius

I speak Spanish, English and a little conversational Japanese.

My favourite movie is KungPow: Return of the Fist, because it reminds me of my best teenage years and times with friends.

I wish it was Halloween right meow!

I used to host a children’s TV variety show in the Dominican Republic when I was 13, and did beauty pageants and modelling as a teenager.

“Sometimes cucumber tastes better pickled”Dave Chapelle

Back in my twitter days, I had an alter ego account with a massive following. A fan kindly sent me this drawing which I absolutely love!

A drawing a Fan of my Twitter account sent me!