Scott Hood


Scott likes…

  • Content ideation
  • Collaborative creative sessions
  • Feature writing
One of those rare moments where I enjoyed the summer weather

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I’m from Dunfermline and studied at the University of Stirling.

Modelling the national dress with my brother at his wedding

Ghost Shark is my favourite film because it is literally impossible to feel anything but pure, unadulterated love for a film where the vengeful ghost of a shark appears in a glass of water and eats the drinker of said water from the inside out.

I support the Fife Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Giants and Leeds Rhinos.

Katie Melua is my favourite musician because she has the voice of an angel. Also listen to pop-punk on the odd day, but mostly Katie Melua.

Fantasy football seems to have taken over my life.

I like gaming, and going to gigs and festivals.

That time I caught an owl at a wedding

The best thing about working here is the twice-daily (and fiercely competitive) battle that is Mario Kart in the Leeds office. Also collaboration and teamwork, and seeing ideas come to fruition.

I speak English, German, and the very weird version of English we speak north of the wall.

On graduation day at the most picturesque campus around

I write left handed, but am somehow ridiculously un-left handed in every other imaginable task.

I play guitar and bass.

In full festival mode, cowboy hat and all