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Me and my family on a US road trip

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

~ JRR Tolkien

Working from home with a toddler can be challenging - but I somehow manage!

I love to travel, which is probably why I ended up living thousands of miles from where I grew up.

I don’t get to go to many new places since we usually spend our travel budget and annual leave on trips home to see family and friends. But I do like to get out and explore London.

I also enjoy photography and cooking.

I grew up near San Jose, California. I’ve also lived in Scotlandand now I live inLondon.

East of Eden by John Steinbeck is my favourite book. It’s a great story full of plot twists and drama (and takes place not far from where I grew up, but in a very different time).

I live with my husband and toddler daughter.

I speak American, Scottish and English. 

(Yes, they’re all very different!)

I’m obsessed with drawing, doodling and painting. I practice in my spare time because I really want to get better.

I also can’t seem to stop buying art supplies and I get stupidly excited on trips to arts and craftsstores.

A horse and a drawing. Because when a toddler asks you to draw a Heffalump, you draw a Heffalump.

My favourite place in London is Greenwich – the park is so beautiful on an autumn afternoon, and there’s so much delicious food at the market.

I’m not a sports person. At all. But I seem to watch a lot of football anyway, since my husband is a big fan – Rangers FC and Scotland mostly.

Me, just after I was naturalised as a British citizen.

I became a British citizen in the summer of 2016.

I earned a BA in English at San Jose State University, then I moved to Scotland for an MLitt in Publishing at the University of Stirling.

My favourite book