Verity Partington


Verity likes…

  • Writing
  • Writing
  • And more writing!
With my daughter

“Do, or do not, There is no try.”


Return of the Jedi

My favourite book is Stephen King’s The Stand because it’s apocalyptic and awesome.

My top movie is Return of the Jedi because it’s fantastically exciting and reminds me of my childhood.

I’m writing a novel. I also once won 3rd place in a short story competition with a tale about trolls.

My favourite TV shows are Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead.

I am a Lancaster University alum.

Live in Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire with my beautiful daughter Adilyn and husband Jason.

The Stand

Once my toddler is in bed, I make cards and read.

I love stationery, stamping and America

The Walking Dead

I’m a serious 90’s music fan!

Image credit: Twitter/@TheSpiceGirls

The Spice Girls

I can actually tap dance.