About Content Marketing

Interruption marketing is dead and content marketing is what all marketers are focusing on. But not everyone is getting it right. In fact, nearly 3 in 5 marketers say they aren't happy with the results of their content marketing efforts. We believe that when content marketing fails, it's down to one (or a combination) of the following: poor or non-existent strategy, sub-standard content creation, and inadequate technology.


Before you set off, you need to be sure of 2 things:

(1) where you're going, and
(2) how you plan to get there.

However, only 36% of marketers have a written-down strategy.

As for the rest? They seemingly make it up as they go along, without an idea how they're going to manage their content or measure results

If you want content marketing success, a documented strategy is a must-have. 

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Content creation

Once you know what you want to achieve, the fun of content creation starts. Sure, most brands have regular written content, but now you can get creative about the best way to become a thought leader, what kinds of infographics to design, and whether you need interactive content or video.

If you are an international organisation, you need to consider content for global audiences, and understand how social media is best used for different personas.

It's also about getting experts to create your content, for example, if you're a marketer in the finance industry, you would need specialists creating your content.  

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By 2018, CMOs will outspend CIOs on technology, according to Gartner.

Already marketers are seeing the huge potential of harnessing technology to improve what they do.

Failing to maximise the use of technology in marketing at this crucial stage is a recipe for disaster (at worst) and sure underperformance (at best). 

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