Cast your vote! What will 2015 hold for content marketing?

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On Wednesday December 10, the Content Marketing Institute will be releasing their 2015 Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends UK report. The report, sponsored by Axonn, addresses the key trends in content marketing for the year ahead.

What do you think the report will tell us for 2015?


We’ve put together an interactive infographic below to give you a chance to vote on what you think the 2015 report will hold. Will people be increasing the amount of content they produce or reducing it? Will they be spending more on less of their budget on content marketing?

Place your vote below by clicking on the question you want to answer and selecting "higher" or "lower" (it's like content marketing Play your cards right).

The infographic will update as people contribute. 

Cast your vote here!

The CMI report will be released on  Wednesday December 10.

Learn more about the report in our webinar with Joe Pulizzi

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