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You can’t zip your jeans up. You’ve had a hangover for five days and there are mince pie crumbs all over your front.

New year, new start, right?

While we can’t help you with your Baileys-related weight gain, we can help you trim the fat from your content marketing strategy.


You might not have noticed your content marketing strategy feeling worn. Getting tired. Just not getting the same level of attraction that it used to.

You blame Google updates for your drop in ranking and lack of time for your lacklustre posts.

It’s time for change.

We’ve got a resolution you can really stick to. Instead of one big challenge on January 1st, we have bitesized chunks of little tasks throughout January that, when built up together, will really make a difference to your content strategy.

We’ll be covering:

  1. Out with the old - shaking up your strategy

  2. Resources - using what your mama gave you

  3. Dive in! No more excuses!

  4. Tracking your fitness

  5. Spice it up!

  6. Building your team

  7. Staying inspired

Sign up below and don't forget to keep us updated with your progress using the hashtag #contentbootcamp 

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