Bootcamp step One- Out with the old

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If you're here, it's probably because you know it's time for change. Maybe you've known this for a while, or perhaps it was a sudden realisation. Either way, you're probably feeling a little bit nervous, maybe a bit resistant. So for the first part of our content bootcamp we’re not going to ask you to create loads of new content. Like any new challenge, we’re going to start with what we’ve already got.


Before we can look forward, we need to look backwards. It’s impossible to build a new, effective strategy for your business without knowing what has, and importantly, hasn’t worked for you in the past. There are two stages to this:

  1. Conduct a content audit

  2. Tighten up your strategy

Content Audit

No groaning! I know a content audit sounds boring and time consuming - and sometimes it is - but it’s absolutely vital to find out what content you have to work with, what works and what doesn’t.

So how do you get started?

Create a spreadsheet and list all the content you produced over the course of last year, and include the following information for each post:

  • Content type

  • A brief description

  • Author

  • Date

  • Comments

Make sure you include every blog post, but also include landing pages, infographics or other content you published. It might not be the most thrilling thing you do, but the good news is you can start your new year audit straight away, saving you from a big job at the start of next year!

Tighten up your strategy

Now you’ve done your audit, take a look at it. Which posts performed most effectively last year? Which had the most traffic? Which were shared on social media the most? Can you spot any patterns? Pay particular attention to posts that didn’t do as well as expected - can you see where they went wrong? Once you’ve got a bit of an overview on your content, address the following questions:

  • Who are you trying to attract with your content? Do you need to reconsider your personas?

  • What kinds of content are your competitors producing? What do you like/dislike about their strategy?

  • What are you trying to achieve with your content? How can you achieve these goals? What KPIs are you using?

  • What changes can you make to your content this year? Are there any new kinds of content you want to try?

Using the answers to these questions, and the results of your audit, you can start figuring out what kind of content you need to be creating. Next time we’ll be looking at how to use the resources you have available more effectively.

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