Bootcamp step four - Track your progress

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Want to give your content marketing strategy a boost for 2015?  Catch up with our Content Bootcamp! This is the fourth part in our series. So far we have covered getting rid of the oldusing your resources and getting started. 


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and excellent content strategies aren’t either.

Your progress might not be instant, but like any long-term project those small changes will soon add up. It’s important to keep an eye on your progress to check you’re moving in the right direction, but also so you can see the little wins that keep you motivated.

To start out, take a look at your overall objectives. This might seem overwhelming at first, so it might help to split each objective into manageable tasks. Then look at which tasks have trackable goals and think about how success can be measured in these areas and how you can track them. We love to use spreadsheets to keep an eye on our progress, but you can use apps, whiteboards or just plain old pen and paper.

But what should you be tracking?

  • Is ROI the bane of your life? Start a spreadsheet that documents your key metrics - average visit duration, page views , unique visitors for each post… whatever factors are most important to you and your business

  • If you have an ecommerce business, keep an eye on transactions. Are they increasing? Can you see any trends?

  • Track your social media following - engagement, followers, mentions - which social channels are performing most effectively? What kinds of posts are the most effective?

Once you’ve started to track what is working, and importantly, what isn’t, you can decide which direction you need to be moving in in order to keep moving towards your goals

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