Bootcamp Step Two - using what your mama gave you

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It’s easy to think “oh content marketing would be easier if I just had a bigger team/more time/better technology/a budget of £500 million”, but the reality is content marketing is all about using the resources you have in the best possible ways.

It’s not about how big your resources are, it’s about how you use them.

In the past content marketers were led to believe that an effective strategy involved creating an endless stream of content - that the more people you had to create content, the more resource you threw at it, the more money you had, the better your content marketing will be. However, as content marketing has matured, we’ve come to realise that it’s no longer about quantity, but about quality, and instead of writing pages and pages of new content, you can reuse that super-awesome content you already have.

Creating new content - that isnt really new

Instead of only producing brand new content, here are four ways to create new content without all the legwork:

  • Take a look back- are there any projects that you started but didn’t finish? Is there an opportunity to revisit these projects? Are they still relevant? You might not have had the resources for that great idea three years ago but you do now - why not give it a try?

  • Reflect on ideas that never came to light - did you have a brainstorming session with great ideas that weren’t right at the time? Could they work now?

  • What was your most successful piece of content last year? Could it be repurposed in a new format? That whitepaper could be an excellent webinar or your best presentation could be turned into an infographic. Think outside the box with your content, and think beyond a blog post.

  • Could you change the angle of a piece of content? How about presenting another side to an argument or creating a follow-up piece to an older piece of content with an update?

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