Bootcamp step five - Spice up your life

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Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and this is exactly why we get stuck in a rut. Our results start to plateau but we keep on doing the same things and just hope they’ll start improving again. How often does this really happen?


I know, change is scary. We’re creatures of habit. But if we don’t change what we’re doing, our results won’t change either.

Instead of big, huge, scary changes, here are three small steps you can take to shake it up.

Stop! Collaborate and listen

Working with someone else is just more fun - more ideas, more resource, more contacts - but we know that us marketers like to play our cards pretty close to our chests and don’t like to give too much away. But not sharing and collaborating means you could be missing out on opportunities for great ideas and feedback on your own ideas, as well as the chance to reach out to more people.

Here are three ways to collaborate on new ideas and opportunities:

  • Change the way you network - instead of going to events to meet potential clients and develop leads, go to debate, discuss trends and challenge ideas. Go to make friends, not just to collect business cards.

  • Join a new LinkedIn group, post on a new forum or sign up for a new trade show. Mingle with new people and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • Take your relationships offline. Always chatting to an influencer on Twitter? Invite them for a coffee. Exchanging emails with a competitor? Meet them for lunch. Stop hiding behind a screen and have a real conversation.

Inject some fun into your content

Take a look at our content inspiration calendar and pick a silly event coming up in the next few months and have a fun brainstorming session to see what content you can come up with around it. We've written about content marketing nightmares for Halloween, and Back to the Future II for New Year.

Take a break


This might sound a bit contradictory, but sometimes the change you really need is a bit of a break. How often have you had a great idea when out on a run when your mind is completely clear?

Get out of the office and take some time to think about your professional goals. It’s important to take time to do this once a month to ensure you’re on track with where you want to be long-term

Got a flabby strategy or lazy images? Tighten up those weak spots!

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