Technology for effective content marketing

Unless you’re dealing solely in print, content marketing would be a bit lopsided without technology. For us, technology is one of the three pillars of content marketing (content and strategy are the others), and if these three elements are not in place correctly, content marketing cannot be successful.

Content Marketing Loop.jpg

This Content Marketing Loop shows how many distinct steps are involved in doing this well. And technology plays a part in each and every one.

Marketers are spoilt for choice when it comes to marketing technology. Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology supergraphic documented 1,800+ technologies as of January 2015. That’s a lot. For each and every aspect of marketing, there’s a piece of technology that excels in just that.

Of course, for you, your website is the centrepiece. This presents the average marketer with two key challenges:

Picking the most appropriate technologies

Making them talk to each other

Addressing these challenges effectively requires knowledge of both marketing and technology. Which means you need a marketing technologist. But what happens when you can’t employ one? Then you work with companies specialising in this space with both products and people that embody marketing technology.

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And that’s who we are, your marketing technologist.


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