[Flowchart] Is it time to outsource some of your content marketing?

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How successful is your in-house content marketing?

If your answer is “Super successful! We have a great team of content writers producing relevant and engaging content regularly, we have a clearly defined content strategy which we focus all of our efforts around, we have an excellent data insights team who advise us on the effectiveness of our content, and we amplify our content through outreach and social media”, then keep on keeping on! You are doing great.

If you answer is more “our content is good, but we don’t have a clearly defined strategy”, or “we are creating really great content but we’re not outreaching it effectively” or “we have a really good data insights team but we don’t know how to use the information they give us”, then it might be time to consider getting some help.

Our infographic below can help you to see where you might need help with your content marketing, and how an agency could complement what you are doing. You might have an awesome strategy team but need help with social media, or maybe you have a great in-house writer but you don’t have someone looking at your analytics - our infographic demonstrates that outsourcing doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing, and can in fact sit comfortably alongside your in-house efforts.


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