Webinar: Find out why your traffic isn’t converting

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Peter Yates, Axonn Media’s director of client campaigns, will be presenting a webinar entitled ‘Unblocking your sales funnel: why your traffic isn’t converting’ on Thursday August 18th at 10am.

Peter Yates
Peter Yates, director of client campaigns at Axonn Media

In the session, Pete will take a look at the disconnect between creating great brand awareness and turning this into quality conversions - a problem every marketer will have come across at one point or another.

He will explore how prominent this disconnect is across the content marketing industry and explain how to identify where issues sit within the sales funnel. Pete will also talk about how to build trust with your visitors to develop a relationship that guides them through to becoming customers.

He explained: “Since content marketing first came onto the radar, I have seen marketers struggle to justify their ROI.

“While in recent years content marketing tactics have improved, for the majority there is still a huge disconnect between creating great brand awareness and turning this into quality conversions.

“I want to highlight the main reasons for this issue and help marketers understand the areas to focus on in order to fix it.”

The sales funnel “could not be more important” to marketers, Pete added, explaining that while it’s easy to become distracted by strong awareness KPIs, such as social shares or landing page visits, if you’re not building a relationship based on trust with the audience, you won’t see the results at the bottom of the funnel.

“In a chicken and egg situation, the sales funnel came first and marketers need to stop focusing their efforts on specific parts of it and instead see it as an ecosystem where every part needs as much cultivation as the next to ensure the best returns,” he underlined.

As director of client campaigns at Axonn Media, Pete’s job is to help our clients to realise their full potential using all of the content marketing services we have at our disposal.

In order to fully achieve this, Pete has an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of how businesses work, what they offer their customers, and - importantly - why customers would buy from them. Using this knowledge as a foundation, he works with our strategy and service delivery teams to tailor a service that is best placed to achieve the results we are after.

Watch Pete's webinar here on Thursday August 18th at 10am.

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