An agile brain: Working more productively through the agile method

Methods of working come and go. Some go the distance and some are resigned to the scrapheap of productivity. You either adapt or die, it would seem.

One way of working which seems to be growing in popularity, and employs a distinctive operating style, is Agile methodology. There are lots of different aspects to Agile. From understanding T-shaped people to the tools you can use for Agile development while working from home, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

However, all these aspects combine to make Agile working an integral part of many businesses. Here at Axonn, we employ this methodology with great success. By removing the barriers to inefficient project management, it has left us with a reinvigorated team and clear mindset when it comes to dealing with large or even small-scale projects.

To save you some time, we’ve created this infographic which gives you a little background on the Agile way of working, along some helpful tips on how you can ‘brainhack’ in order to be more productive at work.

Axonn-Agile-IG-v5 (1).png


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