Content marketers beware – it’s April Fool’s Day!

Sounds like there’s some really great news to write about today if you’re in content marketing!

But erm.. What’s the date again?

More than any other day of the year, April 1st is the day to make sure you really check your sources! 2016-04-01 10-42-07.png

We even fooled you last year, telling you that Google’s new update would prioritise images and GIFs (we even got an email to ask for our sources!).

So until 12pm, make sure you’re on your guard! You don’t want to be like the Daily Mirror last year, falling for the Daily Express’ April Fool 2016-04-01 10-44-02.png

(Not sure what to believe? The Poke have a roundup of all of this year’s April Fools)

Pimms sponsoring big Ben? Hipster Mini with Twin-deck cassette player? Olivia Coleman as James Bond?


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