Gender in Marketing

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Several big players in the world of digital have recently announced plans to address the gender pay gap in their businesses. Pinterest, Salesforce, GoDaddy and Buffer have taken various actions from full-scale pay audits to publishing all employees’ salary data in order to tackle the issue.

But we all know it’s about more than pay. That’s why we’ve conducted our own research to look at the situation in our industry, resulting in our Gender in Marketing report.

We asked nearly 300 marketers from across the globe how gender plays a role in their careers. The results were compelling, and the stories the respondents shared took us through the full gamut of human emotions.


The bottom line is that inequality is still rife in marketing, but the report uncovered more than just differences between genders. It also shows that work/life balance seems unattainable for the majority of marketers – regardless of their gender – thanks to the high demands of clients and inflexible working practices still enforced by employers, among other reasons.


We found that marketers care more about doing something they love than about earning high salaries, and that most have no professional role models.


The report is jam-packed with results across 32 pages, but we’ve summarised just a few of the highlights in this infographic.



New in 2017: In January, we interviewed another 288 marketers and asked them the same questions as we did back in 2015. Read the report to see what has changed.


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