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Global communication is easy

Today, it's just as easy to communicate with a supplier in South Africa or an investor in China as with the person sitting at the desk across from you. However, there's a difference between functional language and language that converts. 

Just 18% of online shoppers will buy from a site in a language other than their native tongue, so it's a no-brainer that if you want to connect with an international audience, the right language is key.

I can translate anything online!

We've all heard cringeworthy stories of brands getting it wrong with online translators. If you want to publish the kind of content that will truly resonate with a local audience, you absolutely have to have native speakers on your team.

Not only will they assure the correct grammar, but the content will be more relevant when it shows an understanding of how the readers live and speak, and what they really care about.

Popular trends

Just because Twitter and Facebook are global social networks, that doesn't mean they are the best channel to reach your non-English audiences. You need to know your Xing from your Weibo, and show you understand what local social media users will find funny and shareable.

It's clear there are a few obstacles standing in the way of marketers and their international audiences, but hope isn't lost!

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A local flavour

You need native speakers with good local knowledge if you're going to target international audiences with content. Doing this is the only way in which you can truly connect with your audiences and set your content apart from machine-translated content through references to regional current affairs conveyed in an authentic, human way.

Go native!

Here at Axonn, we work with local, native-language speakers to get this right for our clients. Through our process of transcreation, we bypass the pitfalls of dodgy translations and create content that truly connects and converts.

Go beyond translation

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