Social listening

Know what your target market really thinks about you.

Social listening involves quantifying and analysing what’s being said about a specific company, individual, product or brand online.

The right data

It may seem impossible to find the right information among the vast amounts of social data available (over 504 million tweets and 4.3 billion Facebook posts are published every day!). And once you have the right data, that still needs to be analysed and interpreted before a solid understanding about social conversation about a particular topic is established.

Social listening at Axonn

At Axonn, we conduct social listening for a range of clients across different sectors. We use social listening to help plan content creation and to evaluate campaign performance.

Using social listening data to inform content creation, rather than guessing, is a sure-fire way of improving your content marketing performance, because you are guaranteed to create something of interest to your target audience.

And once a campaign has been delivered, it’s crucial to review performance in order to iterate and improve it, and to learn for future campaigns. 

Here's an example

In November 2016, we conducted an extensive social listening exercise to determine the winner of the Christmas ad battle between John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Aldi. 

We analysed thousands of social media posts to determine the winner based on reach, sentiment and volume of comments. 

Read our findings now.

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