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Having a Search Console account - and linking it to your Google Analytics view - just became even more useful.


Search Console (previously webmaster tools) has always been an invaluable tool for digital marketers but, like any data source, it can only really help you if you use it in context.


Keyword data from Search Console can tell you the number of times a word was clicked, but this information on its own doesn’t give us a strategic approach to improving our Organic Performance.


Where did this user go from their initial click? Is this the kind of User we want visiting our website? Are they landing on the right page to continue their journey with our brand?


In short - how do you know this keyword has been successful for you.


Well… do not run away in panic and hide at the horrendous thought of exporting spreadsheets and combining behaviour metrics, because the latest Google Analytics update has just made this job ever so slightly easier for digital marketers.


As of last week, the official webmaster blog announced that we would now be able to see Search Console data in our reporting view on Analytics, combined with the following behavioural metrics from those users.


(It sounds complicated… it’s not. Let me show you.)


This image was shown on their blog post to illustrate the kind of information you can now access about sessions starting from each keyword that brings traffic to your site:


So when you see a keyword with a high click through rate, you can also see if these users are actually valuable by assessing whether they viewed more than one page (Pages/Session or Bounce Rate) and whether they actually went on to convert (through ecommerce or goal setup otherwise).


As always, what counts as successful will vary quite a lot from one brand to the next, but the important thing to take away here is that allowing us to have a holistic view of this data rather than seeing it in silos gives us all the tools we need in order to design a data-led approach to content marketing.


So why bother guessing when you can pinpoint future success from evidence?


The search console/analytics update will be rolling out over the next few weeks so don’t panic if you can’t see it yet! When it does update, you’ll find it in the Acquisition section under a new ‘Search Console’ heading - make sure you keep an eye out and start incorporating it in your reporting efforts.

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