[Download] How content marketing makes building your new website easier

Redeveloping your website is a tough job.

Between managing designers, developers, internal teams and agencies, (and trying to leave the office before 10pm every night) there’s a good chance you haven’t even begun to think about how content marketing can fit into your plans post-launch.

But, and here’s a little secret not many digital marketers know, starting your content marketing plans early can actually make your website redevelopment project easier.

Need to know where to place your calls to action? Can’t decide on the best design layout for landing pages? Discovering more about your audience’s interests, activity and content needs can answer all these questions for you.

Our latest ebook “How content marketing makes building your new website easier” looks at how all aspects of content marketing should be considered early on in your new site design, and how it only supports and strengthens your project.

Psstt… already half way through the process? It’s not too late! Just jump into our ebook at one of the three following stages, whatever helps you the most:

  • Research stage – how content marketing fits into your planning stages

  • During development – why you need content marketing throughout analysis and the development of site architecture

  • After launch – how to promote your new website and what to expect after going live


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