[Download] Marketing that gets results: How to be effective in 2016

The ebook covers:

  • Which content marketing tactics marketers should be doing more of in 2016, and crucially, which ones they should abandon
  • How marketers can ensure their strategy is effective
  • How to set goals
  • How to measure the success of campaigns

It also includes a checklist with all the advice of the ebook which can be printed and used at every stage of campaign development.

Marketers – what are we to do?

We’re using more and more marketing tactics, we’re spending more and more money on content marketing, yet according to this year’s Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute, we’re feeling less effective than ever.

In our ebook “Marketing that gets results: How to be effective in 2016” we directly address the challenges marketers face which are raised in the CMI’s report, and our team of experts offer advice on what marketers can do to make changes that will really affect their marketing bottom line.

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