Beyond Cat Videos: Social Media for BusinessBeyond Cat Videos: Social Media for Business

Beyond Cat Videos: Social Media for Business

Written by Axonn on 28th Apr 2015

We’re all (okay, most of us), on social media.

We use it to keep in touch with our friends, to share our favourite things, stalk our exes and yes, watch cat videos.

Of course, cat videos.

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We asked 1,000 people what they expect of brands on social media.

But if you’re a business, you know you should be using social media for more than that. You know all about these big companies that have millions of Facebook followers, content that goes viral on a regular basis and fans that are desperate to engage with them. Your business just gets the occasional “like” from your Mum.

So how do you get it right?

We surveyed 1,000 UK social media users to find out what people really want to see from brands on social media, from their opinions on spelling and grammar to what they expect to happen when they mention a brand.

Social media isn’t just about brand awareness anymore. Our survey found that 65.7 percent of people look online first for buying advice, with more people saying that looking online for advice as their first port of call, over asking friends and family for advice. Additionally, three-quarters of people say online content influences their buying decisions.

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