Share, like and retweet : A millennial approach to viral contentShare, like and retweet : A millennial approach to viral content

Share, like and retweet : A millennial approach to viral content

Written by Axonn on 20th Jan 2015

I was born in 1996 and I’m a millennial. I have grown up with all things technology and have always had the internet at my fingertips, I’ve never had the need to use an encyclopedia that was actually made of paper.

Even though I should be an expert on social media it hasn’t always been my strong point. I opened my first Facebook account in 2008, and didn’t start a Twitter account until 2013, and when it comes to Vine I’m still not sure what it is.

I am, however, a fan of viral content and I never hesitate to click that share button when I like something. Here I have compiled a list of my favourite pieces of viral content from 2014 so far:

Ellen’s Oscar Tweet


(Original tweet)

I am a huge Ellen Degeneres fan and I watch her show religiously. So when her tweet caused Twitter to break I silently applauded her for it.

At the time I wasn’t an advocate of Twitter and thought it was a little bit pointless, but when I saw how much interaction Ellen was having with her followers I had to get a taste of the action.

Since that night at the Oscars the glitz and glamour of the Twittersphere has captured my attention, which is a lot to be said for someone so stubborn.

Everyone I know and love is on Twitter and tweets at least twice a day, so brands having a social presence on Twitter is an extremely effective strategy.

Ellen used a Samsung phone to take the now infamous selfie and the amount of retweets and replies to it were phenomenal. However, people were more bothered about who was in the picture than what type of phone actually took it, meaning Samsung didn’t get as much exposure as they would have liked.

First Kiss

First Kiss by Tatia Pilieva is one of the most unique marketing campaigns I’ve seen on the internet this year.

I have a love/hate relationship with the video itself as on the one hand it’s so creative and simple and makes the artist in me dance around the room, but on the other I felt lied to.

With books like Fifty Shades of Grey flying off the shelves in recent years, we already know that sex sells. So what drew me to the video was the promise of a deep emotional connection between complete strangers. It was presented as spontaneous and almost like a huge breakthrough in human culture, when really it was just a scripted video with models and actors.

I don’t like to be lied to in a ploy for marketing. However, I still appreciate the video because it was believable and I became emotionally involved, which to me speaks volumes about social media marketing.

Let it Go in 25 different languages

As someone who practises Italian and French, I can imagine how hard it was performing the song in a different langauge.

Big companies like Disney releasing behind-the-scenes footage lets us into something that we wouldn’t normally get to see, so it certainly piqued my interest. I’m not a Disney fan and I haven’t even seen the movie, but this video made me look at Disney in a different way. I used to see them as a company that was just making the same kind of films and music over and over again, but the video shows how much effort goes into making something like Frozen into such a well-loved film.

Although the song is at that point of annoyance for me where a fit of rage takes over, this is still an enjoyable video to watch. Even though the movie is for a younger audience, my generation grew up watching Disney films and it’s one of those habits you never seem to grow out of.

Emma Stone vs. Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle

After being in some of Hollywood’s most anticipated movies such as The Amazing Spider Man and Crazy, Stupid Love, it’s hard to not know who Emma Stone is. And we all know that as well as being a fantastic actress Emma has a natural talent for comedy.

Her appearance on Jimmy Fallon back in April of this year was hilariously captured in this YouTube clip of her competing in the talk show host’s popular Lip Sync Battle segment.

Even though I didn’t even recognise her song choices, Blues Traveler’s ‘Hook’ followed by DJ Khaled’s 2010 jam ‘All I Do Is Win’, she more than rocked that mic. Her enthusiasm and her talent for flawless rapping meant she hands down beat Jimmy Fallon’s choices, Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ and Styx’s ‘Mr Roboto’, and more than deserved the round of applause and the 27 million plus views.

Everyone loves to lip sync and it’s certainly fun to try to mimic Emma’s talents at a party with your friends (I tried and failed miserably).

Southwest Airlines flight attendant

Martha Cobb is one of the funniest people I’ve seen on the internet this year, I think she’s like the cool aunt who likes to embarrass you.

I first saw this video when watching The Ellen Show and I had to go online to watch it again with subtitles because if you don’t pay attention you might miss something hilarious. Although her jokes were maybe aimed at the older members on the flight, I can still appreciate them.

The humour in the video is unique and unexpected, which makes me want to click that share button. The video is certainly different to what is already out there which is why it made people take notice. Martha could even have potential as the next Ellen but realistically I think she should probably stick to entertaining her Southwest Airlines audience!



I first saw the #nomakeupselfie hashtag on Facebook, when people on my newsfeed were taking a no make up selfie without proving they had donated. I guess my generation have a habit of joining in with things even if they have no idea what’s going on, all in an effort to be a metaphorical sheep…

In spite of this it is a brilliant example of how social media can raise awareness for important causes such as breast cancer, and I even joined in with my own #nomakeupselfie.

This unofficial campaign was a breath of fresh air to see on social media and it wasn’t something I’d seen before, which made me pay more attention. Even though the campaign was originally started by just a random hashtag, Cancer Research UK saw how much money and awareness it was raising and wholeheartedly supported it.

The no make up selfie benefited them and most importantly the people suffering from cancer who they help to support and treat. The amount of money raised overall through the hashtag made me re-think about the power of a social media trend.

McVities Puppy Advert

Two words. Cute puppies. These adorable adverts keep popping up on our television screens and making us squeal at fluffy little animals.

No one can resist something so sweet, especially us Millennials. We see them everywhere, from Tumblr to Instagram and Pinterest to Facebook we can’t avoid these kinds of pictures. So obviously putting puppies and kittens at the forefront of your campaign is genius.

McVitie’s will probably have come out with a new animal by the time I next scout my social feeds. But which creature next? We’ve had owls, kittens, puppies and even some type of loris, so I’m hoping for pandas.

These adverts are likeable because there is no jargon to persuade you to buy, it’s just simple and effective video content to make you remember the product. That’s far more important than a temporary spike in sales.

What’s your favourite viral moment from 2014? Here’s the best of the rest:

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