What will 2015 hold for content marketers? We ask the expertsWhat will 2015 hold for content marketers? We ask the experts

What will 2015 hold for content marketers? We ask the experts

Written by Axonn on 8th Dec 2014

What will 2015 hold for content marketers? We didn’t ask a crystal ball, but we did ask some of the biggest names in content marketing for their prediction on the year ahead.

Here’s what they had to say…


Danny Denhard

danny d tartan.jpg

Freelance Content Marketing (SEO and Social Media) Consultant, Trainer and Advisor – dannydenhard.com

“There are going to be a number of changes in Content Marketing in 2015, my predictions are:

  • Removal of content creation for creation sake. Contextual content marketing will have to replace mass produced low quality content.

  • Following on this year’s trend, more bespoke and branded offline magazines are created and sold in stores and online and allows content marketing to re-influence the offline world.

  • It should be the year that content marketing will grow up and challenge sales and paid media budgets (as long as companies have the right metrics set, there will be increases in budgets)

  • As large “content marketing companies” float on the stock market it will be the year smaller specialist content creators/agencies and content marketing software are purchased and integrated into content marketing solutions.

  • Promotion (amplification) engines (or specific seeding companies) will see a huge increase in investment. Promotion is key in 2015.

  • The year that a true seeding product/offering has to come to market and offer relevant and contextual seeding of quality content.

  • Lastly, the year native advertising and content marketing part ways and businesses understand the true difference.”

“Promotion is key in 2015.” – Danny Denhard (click to tweet)

Rene Power

rene power.jpg

B2B digital marketing expert at The Marketing Assassin and SmartInsights.

“My predictions for content marketing in 2015?

“There will undoubtedly be more of it. That’s a given. But, some of it will improve. Companies, especially in more engineering minded b2b sectors, will finally understand the nuances of the consultative sell and offer more of their previously gated content up for free (well, for data).

“Technology led marketing – or Marketing as a Service (MaaS) – will take hold as the role of the marketing director fuses with that of the technologist. Marketers especially in complex b2b markets will have to demonstrate even more focus on demand generation and lead nurture than ever before meaning a host of apps and technologies will become second nature.”

“My predictions for content marketing in 2015?

There will undoubtedly be more of it.” – Rene Power (click to tweet)

Karen Webber

Marketing director at Axonn Media


“Nearly two-thirds of marketers expect to have bigger budgets in 2015, and I think a significant proportion of this money will be allocated to marketing technology.

“Whether organisations will start appointing marketing technologists or buy software to help them with content creation, project management, outreach or other elements of content marketing, technology will be a priority for effective content marketers next year.

“I’ve seen first-hand how the right technologies have simplified my team’s content marketing efforts, so I hope other marketers will embrace the potential of marketing technology as well. ”

Technology will be a priority for effective content marketers next year” – Karen Webber (click to tweet)

Lauren Pope

Content strategist at Brilliant Noise

Lauren Pope.jpg

“In 2015, I think smart organisations will create less content, but do more with it. With more and more content being churned out, there’s an increasing amount of competition for audience attention. The smart response to this isn’t to create more content, it’s to create less, but to spend more time on ideation, creation, outreach, amplification, and also more time on measurement and optimisation.”

In 2015, I think smart organisations will create less content, but do more with it.” – Lauren Pope (click to tweet)

Sharon Flaherty

Managing director at Brand Content

Sharon Flaherty.jpg

“My one prediction is: We’ll see a widening gap between brands who practice content marketing. The early adopters of content will look to review their content strategies and content across all platforms – earned and owned – looking to refine, improve and find efficiencies. While late adopters will be playing catch-up and will continue the content push and drive to have a more prominent content offering.”

“We’ll see a widening gap between brands who practice content marketing [in 2015]” – Sharon Flaherty (click to tweet)

Nathalie Nahai

Speaker, trainer, author at The Web Psychologist

nathalie nahai.jpg

“With more of us trying to find smart ways to filter out the noise online, I think we’ll see a growing trend towards values-based content marketing. While it’s great to seek out mavericks and those who disrupt our view of the world, we tend to engage more deeply with content that’s been written or curated by those influencers who share our values, attitudes and outlook – which is why such an approach will be more important than ever.”

I think we’ll see a growing trend towards values-based content marketing – Nathalie Nahai (click to tweet)

Hannah Smith

Content strategist at Distilled


“My prediction is around mobile. For about as long as I’ve worked in the industry it’s been ‘the year of mobile’. I’m not quite sure when it actually happened, but mobile can definitely no longer be ignored. There will be more mobile search queries than desktop search queries by the end of 2014. In response, Google went ‘mobile first’ in terms of SERP layouts back in March. Plus, in November Google rolled out further changes to help users find mobile-friendly pages. But of course this isn’t just about search; social media is mobile: 77 per cent of users access Facebook via mobile and 80 per cent of users access Twitter via mobile.

“What does all this mean? Well if you’re creating content that’s designed to rank, or designed to be shared (or both) – then you’ll need to design it to be ‘mobile-friendly’ as a minimum. In terms of predictions, I think that in 2015 we’ll start to see content that’s been designed, not just with mobile in mind; but designed mobile-first rather than desktop-first. This means what we’ll be creating will likely be fundamentally different thanks to those challengingly teeny tiny screens. ”

“[In 2015] there will be more mobile search queries than desktop search queries” – Hannah Smith (click to tweet)


Chief technology officer at Axonn Media

Janaka Abeywardhana, CTO, Axonn Media

“Content marketing will become synonymous with marketing as the other half of the marketing world starts realising that marketing cannot really exist without content.

“We saw the re-birth of data science over the last few years, it has become cool! Over usage and misuse of related terms will annoy the hardcore but this should be an indicator that data science will be available to mere mortals.

“The average marketer will have the opportunity to figure out how to present relevant content to their audience as popular platforms make contextual data about visitors and the physical environment available and affordable. Think the Internet of Things and sensors, they will be everywhere!”

“Content marketing will become synonymous with marketing [in 2015]” – Janaka Abeywardhana (click to tweet)

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