Make content marketing simple: Bumper webinar key takeawaysMake content marketing simple: Bumper webinar key takeaways

Make content marketing simple: Bumper webinar key takeaways

Written by Axonn on 1st Sep 2015

On Thursday we embarked on something we had never done before – a bumper webinar, featuring some of Axonn’s best and brightest, covering topics from strategy to thought leadership to … erm … Taylor Swift and bread rolls.

Missed any of the talks and want to watch the full webinar? Watch it all at the bottom of the page. Just want to catch up on the highlights or remind yourself of those key takeaways? Keep reading.

For each presentation we’ve given you an overview, the presentation slides and also where in the webinar to tune in (but you really should listen to all 4 wondrous hours…)

Simplifying content marketing strategy (from 1:35)

Adrienne Burns, director of client strategy and implementation, kicked off the day with her talk on Simplifying Content Marketing Strategy. Right now Adrienne is on a mission to help the 58% of marketers who don’t have a documented content marketing strategy. Hot on the heels of her brilliant ebook Your content strategy made simple, Adrienne’s talk was a concise introduction into the main points of the book, from getting all the key stakeholders in a room for discussions to the development and adjustment of your strategy.

Watch this if:

  • You’re one of the 58% of marketers who don’t have a documented content marketing strategy

  • You downloaded Adrienne’s ebook and want to hear more from the expert herself

  • Your content strategy needs a boost

A simple way to create content that gets results (from 38:17)

Seven in ten marketers consider their content marketing ineffective, and director of account management Peter Yates believes this is related to marketers’ biggest challenge – creating quality, engaging content.

Peter’s talk is about putting the story first when it comes to content, and he looks to Simon Sinek’s Start with Why when it comes to creating content. Why are you producing it, what do you want your audience to do, how do you want them to feel?

His talk also covers the important parts of content that many of us are guilty of neglecting: the power of a great title and how to create a strong call to action.

Watch this if:

  • You don’t consider your content marketing to be effective
  • You’re tired of bland, boring content

Making thought leadership stand out from the crowd (from 73:15)

How do you create real thought-leading content? This is the subject of training and learning coordinator Clare Humblestone’s talk on developing content that really stands out from the crowd. Her talk examines defining thought leadership content and how to create content that actually challenges what’s out there, instead of simply sitting on the fence. Clare’s talk will guide you through the steps needed to create a piece of content that really makes a difference in your sector.

Watch this if:

  • You want to become a successful thought leader in your sector but don’t know where to start

  • You’re tired of bland content that sits on the fence

How to make video that gets liked and shared (from 104:10)

By 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video, so if you’ve been considering including video in your content marketing there has never been a better time. Senior video producer Jen Morris’ talk is a great introduction into using video as part of your content marketing, even if you don’t have a huge budget for video (you can do it with a mobile phone!).

Watch this if:

  • You’re sick of just blog posts

  • You’re ready to create brilliant video content

Your content is boring – here’s what to do about it (from 128:40)

Marketing assistant Charlotte Crowley has been blogging for six years and has seen plenty of changes in the blogosphere since 2009, but the biggest change she has noticed is much more honesty and openness in blogging. Her talk is on creating authentic, relatable – and sometimes vulnerable – content that you audience can truly connect with, including creating “soft controversy” content that arouses debate.

Watch this if:

  • You want to create content that people really connect with
  • You want to create content that stands out

A guide to putting data into context (from 150:49)

Are you tired of hearing about “big data” but have no idea what it actually means or how to harness it in your strategy? Feel like marketing technology is making your life harder instead of easier? You need Billy’s talk. Billy covers how to put data into context, and how to choose technology that works for your needs.

Watch this if:

  • You’re overwhelmed with data but you don’t know what to do with it

  • You want a more data-driven approach to content marketing

  • You feel you’re constantly fighting against technology, instead of working with it

Panel discussion on gender in marketing (from 183:18)

We invited industry experts to discuss our recent report on gender in marketing, including Stacey MacNaught from TecMark, Kelvin Newman, organiser of Brighton SEO, and our very own MD Alan Boyce. They debated some of the key talking points of our report and offered key insights into the reality of gender in marketing.

Watch this if:

Watch the whole webinar below:

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