Google’s latest algorithm update may sneak up on youGoogle’s latest algorithm update may sneak up on you

Google’s latest algorithm update may sneak up on you

Written by Axonn on 17th Jun 2015

Have you noticed a change in your traffic recently? Anything… spooky?

Google is being sneaky again and has recently put through a major update. Here’s a brief low-down on the latest ‘Quality Update’ from our crafty friends:

  • Since the beginning of May some sites have experienced a substantial decrease in organic search traffic without any change announcements from Google.

  • Google has now acknowledged these changes are not from a filter but from an update to it’s core algorithm in terms of quality signals from websites. They have given no other specifics at this stage.

  • When Panda was released, Google was quite explicit about quality factors of online content, and it has been suggested that it is still very much sticking by these values. They can be reviewed on the webmaster blog

  • HubPages did a report of major sites affected by the change (including themselves!). Sites who lost traffic are those who were experiencing panda problems in the first place.

Websites reporting lost traffic since the latest update:

Webites experiencing an increase in traffic:

Hmmmm, smells like bamboo?

Google has explicitly stated this isn’t the case, but they have also announced that there will be additional Panda updates coming very soon.

As usual, there is much debate surrounding all of these elements, and nothing can be confirmed until Google decides it’s time to enlighten us all (which may never happen). Essentially, if you were providing relevant, accurate and engaging content in the first place then you should be unlikely to feel the phantom burn. Or any Panda-shaped hits thereafter.

Google says…

“Search is a complicated and evolving art and science, so rather than focusing on specific algorithmic tweaks, we encourage you to focus on delivering the best possible experience for users.”

Watch this space – our data insights team will keep you updated as and when with more info!


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