Our best of 2015: Content roundupOur best of 2015: Content roundup

Our best of 2015: Content roundup

Written by Axonn on 21st Dec 2015

2015, what a year. The year of selfie sticks, podcasts still going strong after 10 years and Ron Swanson at CMI World.

It’s been a busy year for us at Axonn too. This year we launched our new website, switched up some of our processes, and produced a bucketload of great content.

Maybe you’ve been there with us through the journey of 2015 – in that case, let’s look back together over the great content we’ve enjoyed this year. There might be something you missed, or something you want to check out again.

Or maybe you’re new to Axonn, or haven’t been enjoying our content for quite a whole year. If so, these are our best bits. We hope you stick around!

Gender in marketing report

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-17 14-21-26.png

This year we did our biggest ever report on the state of gender in the marketing industry, but our research brought up some unexpected questions about the state of marketing as an industry.

We didn’t just learn that male marketers are four times more likely to be the owner, MD or CEO of their company, we also learned that the work/life balance is becoming increasingly unattainable for marketers, regardless of gender.

This report was one of our most innovative pieces to date, and was covered by publications such as Marketing Week and The Guardian.

Get the key stats in our infographic or download the full report.

100 infographic tips ebook

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-17 14-26-34.png

In the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 benchmarks, budgets and trends report, the number of marketers using infographics jumped up ten percentage points from last year, and social media posts with infographics getting 600 times more engagement than those without. If you aren’t using infographics in your content marketing (or could be using more), our ebook is the best place to start, with tips on everything from concept to amplification. Download now.

Make content marketing simple: Bumper webinar key takeaways

download (35).png

What’s better than one webinar? How about seven?! In summer 2015 we hosted a bumper four hour webinar, with seven different talks on seven different topics with seven different speakers.

The bumper webinar was a veritable smorgasbord of brilliant content marketing advice from our in-house experts, including strategy developing, creating thought leading content, video, using data and how to create authentic, engaging content. Watch all four hours or access the key points and slides.

Phantom update


If you noticed any unusual changes in your website traffic in June it might have been Google’s phantom update. Google didn’t give much away about this update, but don’t worry, we had the lowdown…

Panda upgrade


And a few weeks later, Google followed up with its not-so-surprising update to its Panda update with Panda 4.2 in August to ensure that its algorithms and filters continue to best represent human behaviour. Read more about the update and how it could affect your ranking…

Your content strategy made simple – ebook

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-17 14-22-42.png

Marketers with a documented strategy are 77% more effective at content marketing than those without, so we decided to do something about it.

Our ebook, Your content strategy made simple, is the essential resource every marketer needs to develop their most-effective strategy. From initial research to persona development to assessing the success of your strategy, this ebook has everything you need. Download now.

Webinar with Western Union – How to take a data-driven approach to content marketing

download (36).png

We asked Western Union’s global SEO manager, Stefan Zechner, how can you take a truly data-driven approach to content marketing? In this webinar Stefan and our director of data insights and implementation, Billy Maddocks, discuss setting goals, understanding data insights, prioritising social media platforms and how to use data to really understand your audience. Catch up on the key points or watch the full webinar here.

Is it time to outsource your content marketing?

download (37).png

How do you know if you can do all of your content marketing in-house or if you should think about outsourcing to an agency? Easy, you do our simple flowchart. Try it now.

Challenges to marketers in the finance sector ebook

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-17 14-22-27.png

If you work in finance this ebook is for you. Technology has made a huge difference to the finance sector, and contributed to many of its advances over recent years, but it has also caused countless challenges to those working in the industry. This ebook has everything you need to cope with the challenges of technological advances in finance. Find out more.

Who needs an agency anyway? ebook

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-17 14-22-12.png

Our ebook, “Who needs an agency anyway?” has everything you need to before you start working with an agency. From knowing when you should consider outsourcing to navigating the pitfalls to understanding how to find an agency that “fits” with your culture, this ebook is the essential guide to using a content marketing agency. Learn more.

Helping you to find the perfect agency – Download

screenshot-drive.google.com 2015-12-17 14-56-18.png

Next time you are looking for a new content marketing agency, or if you are taking the plunge into outsourcing the first time, make sure you download this scorecard first. It gives you an easy way to rate content marketing agencies based on your own needs, and allows you to compare agencies on their services in the areas that are most important to you. Get it here.

Our 2015 Christmas video


Why shouldn’t you make rice at Christmas? What’s the best piece of Christmas advice? What’s the best-ever Christmas present? Find out in our Christmas video…

How to be a better marketer in 2016 – Download

screenshot-f5faee51f1fb65d2.ketto.co.uk 2015-12-22 09-13-20 (1).png

How can you make 2016 the best year of your career? From not getting overwhelmed by your email to productivity hacks to how to bounce back after an embarrassing Christmas party incident, this download has everything you need to be the best marketer you can in 2016. Download now.


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