Content marketers – stop being lazy!Content marketers – stop being lazy!

Content marketers – stop being lazy!

Written by Axonn on 4th Nov 2015

To those who continue to reference my two-year-old Guardian article on Why online video is the future of content marketing,

Please stop.

I’m flattered, seriously, but stop.

Stop sharing it. Stop reposting it. Stop tweeting about it.

Stop using it to back up whatever argument you are trying to make about the importance of video in content marketing. It is two years old. Whatever relevance it had vanished long ago. Put a match to any other years-old content marketing reports while you’re at it.

Just look at the out of date stats!

When I wrote it back in October 2013, the latest research from Ooyala stated that one in ten video plays happens on mobiles and tablets. In their Q2 2015 report, the same researchers put this figure at more than 44%. It will likely top 50% by the end of the year. The original stat isn’t even in the same ballpark.

In 2013, Cisco was predicting that video would make up 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Its researchers are now predicting it will reach 80% by 2019. It already hit 64% in 2014, according to their calculations. Can you honestly say, in that context, that the original stat retains any worth?

Digital moves on quickly, always

Since March 2014, the number of daily YouTube users has seen a year-on-year increase of 40%. The number of hours people are spending watching videos on the site is up 60%. Partner ad revenue has risen by 50%. You get the idea. The world’s leading video platform has grown so far in the last two years it might as well be a different site.

Online video used to be a big enough deal to be remarkable. Now it’s such a big deal it is utterly unremarkable. Forget about video being the future. The future we envisaged in 2013 has long since become old hat.

Now stop being lazy

I know it’s at the top of search results. I know it’s from a major, reputable publication. I know it was republished in July 2015 so it appears more recent than it is. But these things do not relevance make. You need to look past the facade and see an article like this for what it is. If you don’t, and you rely on what it’s telling you, and you don’t drill down into the figures to make sure they’re up to date, you are not going to make the decision that is best for you.

And in a content marketing industry that’s increasingly about being first, best or different, making the right decisions based on the right data is going to be crucial to your success.


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