11 Time-saving Google Chrome extensions for marketers11 Time-saving Google Chrome extensions for marketers

11 Time-saving Google Chrome extensions for marketers

Written by Axonn on 3rd Feb 2015

Sorry, Firefox users, this post isn’t for you. You neither, fancy Safari Apple folk. And if you’re still using Internet Explorer, well, you guys have problems this post just can’t help with.

But if you’re a Google Chrome user, come on down.

Google Chrome was first built in 2008 to make web browsing faster, easier and safer. With features such as simple synchronisation with one login and incognito mode for undetected browsing, it’s unsurprising that in 2014 it overtook Internet Explorer as the most popular desktop browser.

One of our favourite features of Google Chrome, however, is its apps. Let’s face it, we all love apps. Whether it’s quickly being able to calculate a tip or find out what we would look like fat, we love being able to do something at the touch of a button, useful or otherwise.

Google Chrome extensions are an absolute lifesaver for marketers. As marketers we’re endlessly trying to do at least five things at once, so anything that makes our lives easier is going to be a big plus.

We’ve put together a list of the apps our Axonn marketing team use the most, as well as some useful tips for using Google Chrome that might just make your life that little bit easier:



Momentum is deceptively simple but as a productivity tool, it works. Every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you’re greeted with a photo of the day (which are always stunning), a motivational quote, your task list, and your self-prescribed focus for the day. Seeing your task list and motivation for the day glaring at you every time you open a tab to load Facebook can be quite the motivator.



As we’ve mentioned before, we love Pocket! If you’re anything like us you’re always stumbling over great content but you don’t always have time to read it “right this second” but that you don’t want to forget about. Pocket is the place to save them. It’s like Pinterest but less peanut butter brownie recipes and wedding stuff.

Pin it button

Speaking of Pinterest, if you do have some Pinning to do, the Pin It button is your friend. Simply click the extension, select your image, choose your board and add your text.



Buffer is the easiest way to share content via social media. Schedule the most convenient times for Buffer to post your content, and simply click the Buffer icon whenever you find a page you want to share. Add your text (or select the text within the post that you want to use) and Buffer will post the content to Twitter and/or LinkedIn in your next available slot. It’s an easy way to share content without ending up with 50 tweets leaving your account at once.



Always finding yourself in desperate need of a GIF? You need Giphy. The simple extension allows you to search for the perfect GIF without leaving your page. For all those GIF emergencies.


Let’s face it, taking a screenshot is a pain in the bum. Press Print Screen, load in your preferred photo editing programme (or Paint, for ease), crop the right area and then save. Who has time for that? Nimbus makes it so much easier. Just click the extension, then choose to screenshot the whole screen or select your area, and save. Easy.


This one is for Gmail rather than Chrome itself, but it’s invaluable if you are a Gmail user. Going away tomorrow but need an email to be sent out? Or maybe you need a reminder to follow up on that email you never got a reply from? Boomerang! Schedule emails, set up alerts and reminders on your emails – lifesaver!


Not quite a great extension as the extension only really takes you to the site, but Trello in itself is ideal for the organised marketer. If you’re a fan of simplicity, it’s interface is easy to use from the get-go, but it has lots of extra features if you want something more complex. We use it to manage our tasks lists, and few things are as satisfying than moving something from your “Doing” list to “Done.”

So alongside extensions, Google Chrome itself has a couple of cool features that we love too…

Google Drive

Google Drive is your lifeline if you ever need to work remotely. You can create documents from spreadsheets to presentations entirely in Google Drive and it just needs your Google log in to be accessed. It’s also the easiest way to share documents within your team or business, and suggestions or edits can be easily made by other members of staff simultaneously in real-time within the document. Plus, it autosaves every few seconds so you never get that sinking feeling of horror when your computer unexpectedly restarts and you haven’t saved for an hour.

Incognito Mode

Opening a new window in Incognito mode won’t save your browsing history and any cookies downloaded will be deleted upon closing the window. You are also browsing “invisibly” so none of your logins or saved searches will be maintained. It’s great for accurately checking your search engine position without Google prioritising your favourite sites and also for switching between multiple Gmail accounts.

Pin to taskbar

Do you have certain websites that you need all the time? Rather than just having them saved to your bookmarks bar, you can actually pin them to the taskbar so they’re open at all times. We use it for email and for keeping organised with Trello.

We’re always looking for new Chrome extensions or tips to make life easier as marketers. So send share your favourites with us on Twitter @AxonnMedia!

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