How a zombie invasion can help your digital marketingHow a zombie invasion can help your digital marketing

How a zombie invasion can help your digital marketing

Written by Axonn on 5th Oct 2014

A few months ago, our content optimisation team attended the Content Marketing Show. One of the most important lessons we learned was the digital value of real-life events. During the conference, Marcin Chirowski presented a case study showing the positive impact of real-life events on a digital sphere. Marcin talked about a ‘French blogger event’ that he organised – a bespoke London sightseeing tour for fashion bloggers. After the event the company gained 106 leads and 17 connections with influential French bloggers.


Online and offline marketing activities should be – and more often are – integrated. Those that complement each other – as shown in the example of French blogger event – can make a huge impact when integrated and merged.

Workplace zombie invasion

In September this year, I was given a chance to participate in a marketing event that received great online results itself: Workplace Zombies Invasion. The conference took place in The Vaults – the underground space located under London Waterloo station – in spacious, dark and chilly rooms filled with red light that gave me goosebumps as soon as I entered the building.


All the attendees were divided into five units, led by soldiers through misty rooms and tunnels where blood-covered zombies were ready to jump out from around the corner. The participants had to complete five tasks, which were designed to reflect the most common challenges that marketers face on a daily basis, such as a lack of resources, information or time.

Efficiency at work conference

Once all units completed the tasks, the conference devoted to ‘efficiency at work’ began. The agenda was full of inspiring and fascinating talks on productivity, creativity and processes from speakers such as, Dom Burch Senior Director of Marketing Innovation at ASDA, Sonia Carter Head of Digital at Cadbury, Adam Graham Managing Consultant at Cact.Us – The Agency Growth Hackers and Laura Jordan Bambach Creative Partner at Mr. President.



The Secret Weapon

Lastly, AtTask – project management software company and organizer of the event presented its software (they were mentioned by some of the speakers in their talks) – the weapon that could help to solve the Workplace Zombies Invasion. There were 110 registered attendees, the majority of whom watched this video – the first piece of content published, along with a blog post and a registration form for the conference. The themed event attracted the relevant audience, which was possible thanks to online promotion through social media and content marketing.

How real-life events produce real results

According to TweetReach – a social media monitoring tool – the conference’s hashtag #WorkplaceZombies was used in around 50 tweets, which generated 240,752 impressions.

Some of the user-generated content can be seen below:

Thinking outside the box

Nowadays ad-blind customers are being flooded with high-quality content on the internet, and their inboxes are filled with thousands of sales pitch invitations. However, by combining the forces of traditional and digital marketing, truly impressive results can be seen. As the two examples mentioned in this blog post prove, event marketing that comes face-to-face with potential customers, supported by online campaigns, does more than just create leads. It broadens the organiser’s online reach, increases the awareness of their brand, pushes participants further down the buying cycle and creates a long-lasting buzz.


To find out more about the event, check out Joanna’s blog


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