5 Reasons why the NFL are masters of content marketing5 Reasons why the NFL are masters of content marketing

5 Reasons why the NFL are masters of content marketing

Written by Axonn on 13th Nov 2014

The National Football League (NFL) has been in the headlines a lot recently as the International Series continues to attract massive crowds to Wembley Stadium.

Those unacquainted with American football may be scratching their heads as to how the sport has grown so much over the last few years, but one of the key reasons for the NFL’s increasing popularity is the league’s exceptional online marketing.

Here are five examples of the NFL’s outstanding content marketing touchdowns:

1. An extraordinary website

At the core of the NFL’s tremendous online marketing is its website,www.nfl.com.

screenshot-www.nfl.com 2014-11-11 16-30-16.png

With an accessible layout, modern design and a wide variety of content, the website is highly effective at engaging readers and keeping them up to date with all things NFL.

Video, games, online shopping and podcasts are all available within a few clicks, offering an all-encompassing web experience that puts the Premier League website to shame.

2. Engaging social media

The NFL has dozens of social media accounts, along with the hundreds of player accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All these accounts are updated with the latest statistics, news and updates before and after game day.

screenshot-twitter.com 2014-11-11 16-32-11.png

Millions of users discuss the events of matches on the social platforms and, with NFL.com’s articles linked up to Facebook, the site has developed a strong community that is only getting bigger. Readers don’t just view articles, they comment and keep coming back.

3. Addictive fantasy football

In “our football” (“soccer”) fantasy games are popular, but the NFL equivalent is almost as popular as the sport itself.

screenshot-perfectchallenge.fantasy.nfl.com 2014-11-11 16-36-01.png

The fanaticism surrounding fantasy football is cult-like, with fans spending hours adding new players, arranging trades and changing their formations. The popularity of fantasy football is so big that there is even a TV show (The League) covering the ups and downs that come with playing the game.

How does this relate to content marketing? It generates MILLIONS of page views, engaging readers in a way that most businesses can only dream of!

4. Fresh content

An astonishingly high number of sports channels and websites cover the NFL, but the official website is the only place you need to go to find the latest news and content.

If you’ve missed your team’s game, you don’t need to wait for the next Sky Sports News report, as NFL.com has all the action at your fingertips, free of charge. With hundreds of blog articles being uploaded every day, there’s always something to read and debate.

5. Mobile accessibility

With smartphones now a vital part of modern life, a strong mobile presence is vital for any company that wants to impress its audience.

screenshot-www.nfl.com 2014-11-12 10-19-20.png

The NFL has realised this and released a selection of apps, ensuring that fans can gain the maximum benefit out of its website even if they are on the move.

All of the NFL’s video content, news, blogs and games can all be used easily on tablets and smartphones so, wherever you are, there’s no excuse for you to miss out on the action when game day arrives.

What can content marketers learn from the NFL?

As the marketing industry changes and old trends make way for new technology, the NFL is a shining example of cross-media marketing done right.

American football fans can gain everything they need from the site. Whether they need to watch highlights of their favourite team, check their fantasy score or catch up with the latest news, it’s all easily accessible in one integrated hub.

By creating unique, multi-platform content that fans cannot find anywhere else, the NFL can guarantee that new users will quickly convert into returning users. By ensuring that they provide their users with anything and everything they could ever need, they become the go-to site for any fan.

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