Your content strategy made simple – download ebookYour content strategy made simple – download ebook

Your content strategy made simple – download ebook

Written by Axonn on 11th Aug 2015

Marketing strategy can often feel intangible. But here at Axonn we know a structured and insightful strategy is just as important as the quality of our content. While a staggering 66% of content marketers don’t have a documented strategy, those that do are 71% more effective. Who can argue with those stats?

Our latest ebook “Your content strategy made simple” is the ultimate resource to your strategy journey. Learn from the best with our Director of Client Strategy Adrienne Burns as she walks us through the construction blocks of a solid strategic foundation.

What are you waiting for? Supercharge your content strategy today by downloading the ebook!

We all have our reasons to not get started with planning. Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or maybe you feel safe using the same techniques that keep your results steady and predictable. But what if you could do better?

Whether you’re right at the beginning of researching your personas and setting up campaign goals, or you just need a bit of guidance on supporting your content with promotion, consider this EBook your roadmap to success. Read through chapter-by-chapter, or dip in and out of each section.

So what are you going to learn?

  • Hold key strategy focused discussions

  • Align your business objectives and get buy-in

  • Understand what areas need to be researched

  • Decide upon performance metrics

  • Develop your personas

  • Plan the most effective content for your strategy

  • Implement your strategy

  • Measure whether your strategy is actually working

  • Review and adjust your strategy for next time



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